Saturday, December 25, 2010

Where we are now

The first step was to be accepted into the Ethiopia program. At this point we have paid the application fee and received a verbal acceptance. They asked that we save up the initial fees and then we will be in full swing. We also wanted to make sure that we were as debt free as we could be (still have a small car payment and house payment). As of Jan. 1st we are completely debt free (credit cards, kids instruments ...) and on our way to saving for our child. We have reworked our budget in hopes of saving as much as possible. I believe, Lord willing, that we will have the first requested fees saved up by the end of Feb!!!
A wise alumni of adoption suggested that I go ahead and pay other little fees and start the home study process. So far we both have our passports (mine needed to be updated) and the home study application is almost done.

The child we are seeking
We are currently looking for an infant, but are open to what God has for us. At this point we would like to adopt a boy. We have always had a heart for Africa and Ethiopia is currently the best option for us.

Time line
We will be saving up for the fee from now until Feb. and starting the home study process. We were told the home study should take until August to finish. We then will be given a referral for a child. Since we are looking to adopt a boy, the process will go a little faster. We need to make 2 trips to Africa. All this will take us until the beginning of 2012. (I can not wait to look back at this and see what God does with the timeline)

Early praises
We were told that we will receive 25% off of the agency fee, because Jeremiah is a pastor. That should save us $1250+. We also found out that the home study fee is less than estimated. Any little bit helps. :)

Please pray with us during this process. We are very excited to see what God will do in these next few months and years. Pray for our child. He may even be on this earth. I am thankful that I am aloud to pray for him even before I know what his name is.


  1. Tama... Heartfelt prayers sent! I look forward to updates on your journey.