Friday, February 18, 2011

The Baby Steps

Here are the steps we will need to take to get our child home.

1)Send initial paperwork and program fee to AWAA. (DONE!)
2)Apply to USCIS (no idea what that means) and complete the Home Study (that will take months).
3)Collect Dossier documents and send our Dossier (completed documents) to AWAA for review. (Have no idea what that means, but I bet we will find out). :)
4)AWAA will send our Dossier with a letter of recommendation to the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs for translation and processing.
5)Referral Day!!!!-Accept referral (child) once received , wait to receive court date. (I have seen that take forever too. Hopefully not for us.)
6)Trip 1 - Travel to Ethiopia to meet child(ren) and give consent at court
(About 5 -7 days in Ethiopia)
7)Trip 2 – Travel to Ethiopia to complete visa paperwork and bring child(ren) home
(About 4 – 5 days in Ethiopia)
8)Complete post adoption reports and paperwork, and apply for other government documents for your child.
9)Your adopted child now has proof of U.S. Citizenship!

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